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Parent’s Responsibility

Parent’s Responsibility

1) Parent’s responsibility is to encourage their child(ren) to participate. This includes ensuring players attend practices and games and that they arrive and leave at the scheduled times.
2) Parent’s responsibility during games and practices is to encourage all children to do their best.
3) Proper sideline etiquette includes:
(a) Let the coaches’ coach. If you are telling your son or daughter - or any other player for that matter - to do something different from what theft coach is telling them, you create distraction and confusion.
(b) Respect the referees. Outbursts from parents on the sideline made toward the referees only signal to our on children that they can blame the refs for anything that goes wrong. Blaming others is not a formula for success in sports.
(c) It is very unnerving for many players when parents are yelling at them from the sidelines. Let the kids play. Ifthey make a mistake, chances are they will learn from it;
(d)Do not discuss the play of specific young players in front of other parents;
(e) Make positive comments from the sideline. Be encouraging. You will see a young player make that extra effort when they hear encouraging words from the sideline about their hustle.
(f) Do not make any negative comments about players on the other team. Besides being tasteless and classless, these kinds of comments can be hurtful to the young person involved and to their family as well.
(g)Keep interaction with parents on the other team as healthy and positive as possible.
(h)Parents and players on the ‘other’ team are not the enemy. Check any negative feelings at the door.
(i) When the game is over, the game is over. If you need to discuss something with your coach, allow a 24 hour grace period to collect your thoughts and allow the coach to decompress from the game.
(j) At no time is a parent to address a referee during or after the game.

Spectator Conduct Policy

Spectator Conduct Policy

Disruptive or unruly behavior while attending an Upper Moreland Basketball Club or Inter-County Basketball Association event will not be tolerated. Any person (s) in attendance at an UMBC or ICBA game whose actions result in ejection will be expected to leave the facility, and will not be allowed to attend another Upper Moreland Basketball Club or ICBA game or event for the remainder of that current season. If the ejections occurs during the last game of season - there will be suspensions to start the next season.  The refereeing official (s) of the event are expected to issue a warning to the person (s) through one of the coaches who are involved in the game. The team or organization that the attendee is affiliated with will be told of the warning through that coach. After a warning has been issued, the next course of action will result in removal from the event. The team or organization that is attached to that person (s) will be expected to make sure this rule is enforced. Ignoring this rule will result in forfeiture of all remaining games for the team participating in the game. 

Everyone from the players, coaches, officials and scorekeepers are performing to the best of their ability. Please remember that when attending a sporting event played by young people, you are at a venue where the expectation is to have a safe place for children to play a sporting event. Cheer for the team or player (s) you support, respect all of the participants, and after the game exit the venue and have a great day!


If you see unacceptable behavior from players, coaches, officials or fans….........please report to [email protected]


Ejections due to double technical fouls or referee removal of a player, coach or spectator

The Executive Board of UM Hoops met to discuss these issues and decided that the best course of action is to restate and enforce our Code of Conduct.  The following are excerpts from this Code: 

The following may result in a fan ejection:

·  Non-participants may not be on the court at any time (including before the game, during the game, at halftime, during timeouts or after the game.)
·  Fans and players are not to bring basketballs into the buildings. Only coaches may bring basketball into the buildings
·  Each team’s bench should consist only of players, coaches, and assistant coaches (3 max coaches). Parents, siblings, friends, etc. are not allowed on the team’s bench during the games.

 Fan Ejections

·  If a parent/spectator is ejected from a game, they will serve a 1 game suspension from the next game played at a Upper Moreland facility and be subject to a board review for possible suspension for the remainder of the season.  No refund will be granted!
·  If a player is attending a game in which they are not playing (typically attending a friend’s game) and they are ejected, they will not be allowed to participate in their team’s next game. If this happens a second time, the player will not be allowed to play for the remainder of the season.   No Refunds given!

Player & Coach Ejections:
·   Game Officials have been instructed to eject anyone at the onset of outlandish behavior. No questions asked.
·   If a player or coach receives two technical fouls he/she will have to vacate the building and will be suspended for their next scheduled game.
·   If a coach is ejected for a second time in the same season they are removed from coaching the remainder of that season. The UM Hoops complaint board will also review the incident and make any necessary additional punishment recommendations to the general board.  If a player is ejected for a second time, they will receive a 3 game suspension.
·    Anyone using abusive language will not be tolerated, and will be removed from the premises without warning. We ask that the coaches, players and officials treat each other with respect and demonstrate sportsmanlike conduct before, during and after the game.
·    All players and coaches MUST sit on the team bench. Not on the top of the bleachers, on the other bleachers but on the team bench only.
·    The head coach is responsible for the actions of their players and fans. Any fan or player that gets removed the head coach is also assessed the technical foul. 


Gyms rules

You CANNOT enter UMIS or UMPS until 6:02PM on a weeknight, UMMS is 5:30 and UMHS is 8PM so don't start knocking on the door until that time.
You must be out of the school (UMPS, UMIS and UMMS) by 9:29PM (UMHS 10PM) weeknights and 3:59 PM on Saturdays so you need to end practice prior to 3:55 so people can gather belongs and immediately exit!
THIS MEANS OUT OF SCHOOL BUILDING not hanging out in the hallways

At every practice, game or event at UMPS, UMIS, UMMS there needs to be a security volunteer.  This volunteer will have to wear a yellow vest and carry a panic button directly tied into UM Police Department.  Your coach will accept volunteers or assign all time slots that they are using one of the aforementioned gyms.  If you do not have a security volunteer your team will be forced to exit the premise by UMTSD.

Pres. -   In at 6:30p.m, not before, out by 9:30p.m not after on weeknights.
Before leaving the gym after the last game or practice, it is the responsibility of the coaches to :
o   Put all chairs and the scoreboard/clock away.
o   Clean up the trash
o   Check the entire facility (gym, restrooms, and any adjoining rooms to make sure that no one is remaining in the facility.
o   Check all doors (including the emergency exits) to make sure they are secure.
o   Please turn out the lights (gym and entrance).

Huntingdon Valley Christian Academy-  In at 6 p.m., out by 9 pm, weeknights & Sundays, in at 2p.m., out by 9 p.m.
When moving tables, chairs, etc. please be careful not to drag anything across the playing floor. The floor at HVC is a cork composite substance and it is prone to scratching when objects are dragged across it.
NO ONE IS TO BE ON THE STAGE AREA AT ANYTIME.  NO Playing the piano or using other school items.

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