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In house rules and playing time charts are strictly enforced

2020-2021 Schedule
This spreadsheet is subject to change so please check daily.
This schedule contains practices, games, pictures and other events from UMBC for in house and travel.  There are many tabs at the bottom so that you can see many different views and gather information.

in-house game rules

in-house playing time chart

Covid Rules will replace historic rules above starting Jan 4th
3/4 grade = 8 min running clock
5/6 and 7/8 grade  = 10 min running clock

Clock only stops on whistles, FT & TO during last 1 minute of 4th qtr
No subs except last 2 minutes of 4th if everyone has played entire 2 quarter (see playing time chart under coaches corner on website) if you have 10 players there cannot be subs per that chart
2 minute pre-game warmup - ALL games with start at the latest :35 after the hour.  ie Clock will start running at 6:35 for 6:30 starts
1 min break between quarters
2 minute halftime break
2 -30 second timeouts per half with no carryover
OT will be 1 minute stopped clock
2nd OT is sudden death
ONLY FOR the games at UMIS & UMMS - if a team is losing by 11 or more points at/after 25 past the hour - the game is over regardless of time on clock.  ie at 6:25, 7:25 and 8:25 games will end if a team is losing by 11 or more points

HS 10 min running clock
All the same rules above except they will sub at the five minute mark but the clock will NOT stop running as they make their substitutions. 

It’s important that we get games finished in 50-55 minutes so we have time to sanitize spray and start the next game by the bottom of the hour so that the school doesn’t kick us out at 8:30 in the middle of a game

The above rules differ from the historic rules in the following ways
1. There is NO time stoppage in the second quarter at 1 minute  (only 4th has stoppage under new rules)
2. We are reducing one timeout per half from 45 seconds to 30 seconds.  Each coach now has TWO 30 sec TO per half instead of ONE - 30 & ONE -45 second TO per half
3. WE NEED to pay close attention to the two minute pregame warm-up, one minute between quarters and two minute halftime break as well as making sure timeouts only last 30 seconds this should keep the games flowing as I think sometimes we drag the quarter breaks, timeouts and warm-ups out longer than they should be.   Have the coaches get there players ready on the bench before quarter ends so they are ready to go in.  We CANNOT lingere after game - coaches need to spray player bleachers, scorers table, and door handles after each game
4.  Mercy rule at 25 past the hour for games at UMIS and UMMS at 11 points

Travel will follow all ICBA rules

ICBA Homepage

General Rules
Spectator Rule
Zero Tolerance Rule

General Rules:

Practice and tryout times will be strictly enforced so please remember

You CANNOT enter UMIS/UMPS until 6:01PM on a weeknight and 8:01AM on Sat so don't start knocking on the door until that time (communicate this to parents as well).   UMMS is 5:30PM entrance and 8:00 AM Sat.

You must be out of the school (UMPS, UMIS and UMMS) by 9:29PM weeknights and 3:59 PM on Saturdays so you need to end practice/games accordingly

THIS MEANS OUT OF SCHOOL BUILDING not hanging out in the hallways - please stress to parents and siblings

If your practice is to end at 7:15 please be respectful of the next team starting at 7:15 and move your kids off the court.  If you need to talk, do it quietly but remember you need to be out of the building at the correct time.  Vice Versa - if your practice is to start at 7:15 DO NOT have your kids dribbling on the sideline at 7PM.  Tell your parents - NO Siblings should be dribbling either - you have the balls - NO ONE should be bringing their own balls to practice or games

Calvary Pres. -   In at 6:30p.m, not before, out by 9:30p.m not after on weeknights.
Before leaving the gym after the last game or practice, it is the responsibility of the coaches to :
o   Put all chairs and the scoreboard/clock away.
o   Clean up the trash
o   Check the entire facility (gym, restrooms, and any adjoining rooms to make sure that no one is remaining in the facility.
o   Check all doors (including the emergency exits) to make sure they are secure.
o   Please turn out the lights (gym and entrance).

Huntingdon Valley Christian Academy-  In at 6 p.m., out by 9 pm, weeknights & Sundays, in at 2p.m., out by 9 p.m.
When moving tables, chairs, etc. please be careful not to drag anything across the playing floor. The floor at HVCA is a cork composite substance and it is prone to scratching when objects are dragged across it.
ALL Lights must be turned off and doors locked if you are the LAST practice.  IF you are not sure if you are last - if no-one is waiting - just turn off lights and lock up
NO ONE IS TO BE ON THE STAGE AREA AT ANYTIME.  NO Playing the piano or using other school items.


Covid-19 protocols

I will need your child's Covid Clearance PLUS yours and your assistance coach's Covid clearance prior to your first tryout.  You may want to print a couple out in case parents do not bring it

As mentioned - I am tracking here 

As you can see - not many have turned one in.   Please check right before your tryout and collect any that have not turned it in prior to allowing them to participate.  If at middle school you can drop off on way home on my front porch under mat
if outdoors - drop off at earliest convenience so I can get them tracked
The last thing we need is someone reporting us for not following Montco BOH guidelines.

If indoors - 
NO parents permitted in so we stay under 25 capacity
coaches wear masks 
spray just the bleachers you use - let air dry
spray bathroom sink, urinals and toilets - let air dry
spray your balls if you want - let air dry
spray door handles if you want - let air dry
the stuff is $50 a bottle so don't start spraying the floor LOL

if outdoors
try to keep parents socially distanced
if close contact instruction - coaches wear mask

Notice your start and end times -   Do NOT enter until previous team exits and coach exits which indicates they have sprayed (we can get in at 5:30)
I left 10 minutes in between to allow for spraying - coaches please respect that end time and spray and exit so next team can enter and start on time
Spraying should not be more than a 5 minute job

Please contact your league director!


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